1. About ginlo

ginlo.net GmbH was founded in January 2020 and since then develops and distributes its messenger products ginlo Private and ginlo Business.

Both products see themselves as DSGVO compliant communication solutions Made in Germany.

Our servers are located exclusively in ISO 27001 IT-Grundschutz certified data centers within Germany.

The ginlo source code is exclusively maintained and made publicly available by the Club for Digital Security and Communication (CDSK e.V.). Direct access to the open source software is also available on our website in the Download section.

While ginlo Private is a free messenger app for everyone, ginlo Business is aimed at all business customers who want to securely exchange text and voice messages, pictures and videos, location and contact data or documents of all kinds within their area of responsibility and who want to conduct tap-proof video conferences.

Of course, users of ginlo Business can also communicate with ginlo Private users and vice versa: Within a law firm, for example, one uses ginlo Business and simultaneously contacts clients who have ginlo Private installed. They, in turn, use ginlo Private to communicate with family and friends, while discussing their children’s next parent-teacher conference with the teacher who uses ginlo Business within the school.

In all cases, communication takes place via actual full encryption, i.e. all messages are encrypted not only during transport, but also on all end devices involved.

The private keys for this are generated automatically by each user himself with the assignment of a device password per end device. Since these keys are only located on the device of the respective user, neither ginlo.net GmbH nor any third party has access to them.


However, this also means that we

  • cannot reproduce lost keys;

  • cannot recover communication or other content;

ginlo can be installed and used on most Android and all iOS phones and in the business sector additionally on all desktops or as a browser version.

In the following chapters, we describe how to

For further questions, requests, hints or constructive criticism about our products or also about this documentation, please contact us anytime at support@ginlo.net.