2. Abbreviations and terms


What actually means ginlo ?

The simplest type of encryption is the rearrangement of letters within a text or a word.

With ginlo it is an anagram of the term “login”. That is why we always write ginlo in lowercase and leave the pronunciation to the user.

ginlo is a registered trademark of ginlo.net GmbH.

2.1. Abbreviations


The following abbreviations are used mainly in headings or when a specific description is given that is not globally applicable:

A - Android

AVC - AudioVideoCall

B - ginlo Business

D - ginlo Desktop

I - iOS

M - Moderator (AVC)

P - ginlo Private

2.2. Definitions

Administrator (B)

Business licenses administrator in the Management Cockpit


Messenger based on mobile apps for using ginlo on smartphones

Audio and video telefony or Audio Video Call (AVC)

Conduct audio or video conferences with multiple participants at different locations

Single chat

Transmission of messages with ginlo to one recipient


User to whom messages are transmitted with ginlo

ginlo Business user account (B)

Account in ginlo Business for using the messenger on multiple devices

ginlo Desktop (B)

Messenger as a desktop application on Windows, iOS or Linux to use ginlo Business

ginlo Management Cockpit (B)

Software for central user management in ginlo Business

ginlo Web Messenger (B)

Messenger based on web browsers for using ginlo Business on desktop and tablet

Group chat

Transmission of messages with ginlo to multiple recipients


Application for communication via ginlo as app messenger or web messenger (B)

Mobile devices

Smartphones that are operated with an approved system for ginlo


Texts, files, calls, locations or contacts that can be exchanged between users with ginlo


A ginlo server operated by ginlo.net GmbH

2.3. Italic notation

Cursive is used to write all terms that require or describe an input on your smartphone as type - or your desktop (P) as click.